3.10 Garages

Each Single Family Residence must have an attached or detached garage with an automatic garage door opener for a minimum of two (2) automobiles. Garages must be either a side-loading type or rear-loading type so that garage doors are not parallel to the street at the front of the lot. No carport shall be erected on any Lot unless expressly approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

The traditional solution is to detach the garage from the house proper, allowing the house to stand on its own and reflect the relationships of the interior spaces to the street. For shelter, the garage may be connected to the house with a covered walk, breeze way, etc.

If attached construction is used, a setback of five feet (5') minimum from major front elevation of house to the face of the garage is encouraged. The face of a porch qualifies as the major front elevation, if the porch is substantial enough to be the major focus of the facade.

Roofs over garages should be as low as possible. The highest roofs should not occur over the garage due to the added visual emphasis.

All garage doors should be of metal design and of a color which compliments the adjacent wall. Treatment of detail on garage doors should be consistent with the overall character of the house. This may be accomplished with one or two well placed windows along the top of the garage door and by breaking up the mass with the paneled construction. Windows may be used to break up massive garage facades facing the street.

When attached two-car garages are built, two single doors divided by a column are encouraged. This breaks up the expanse of the door into appropriately scaled architectural elements.

No wood or particle board doors are permitted. All garage doors are to be paneled metal. Glass fenestration is permitted. No reflective film or foil is permitted on windows.