3.1 General

The intent of this section is to establish basic design criteria for the construction of residences and other structures within Rosehurst. Emphasis is on quality material, design and construction in order to promote well crafted residences within the subdivision. The house footprint and the roof form should work together to provide variety and interest when viewed from the street. These guidelines allow for diversity in design and should produce a climate of individuality, while ensuring the architectural integrity of the subdivision as a whole.

The estate lot development setting provides the maximum possible freedom of choice for variety in architectural style.

The owner/builder shall be responsible for individual site development and maintenance including the area within the street right-of-way. The owner/builder of corner lots shall be responsible for the right-of-way for both streets.

Each owner/builder shall also be responsible for street cleaning and trash pickup on the adjoining lots and areas where houses are being constructed. Owner/builder will deposit $3,000.00 as security deposit with the HOA prior to construction to ensure timely repairs to the common areas of the subdivision. It is understood the owner/builder will complete repairs and cleanup within two (2) weeks of their occurrence, or the HOA shall have the repairs/cleanup done deducting the amount for the repairs/cleanup from the security deposit.

Owner/builder shall provide and name Rosehurst HOA as additional insured for Property, Liability Insurance during the construction of the primary residence. This coverage shall include all improvements within the Rosehurst HOA to include but not limited to streets, gates, landscaping, hardscaping, sod and irrigation systems or other property of the HOA.