3.8 Chimneys

In order to use the chimney as a repetitive design element throughout the community, the chimney structure should be expressed on the exterior of each residence in one of the following manners. Chimneys can be used to establish an ornamental or thematic direction. They may be built out of masonry, brick, or stucco. The minimum plan dimensions for an exposed mass is 24" x 24" and a larger form preferred.

In the event of gas fireplaces, direct vents in place of chimneys are allowed, provided the vents are located along the rear slope or rear half of the roof and painted to match the shingles.

The height of the chimney should be in proportion to the roof line and adhere to fire codes. Broad, massive chimneys will be encouraged and small, spindly shapes will not be approved. Chimneys which barely peak above or squat on the roof are not visually bold enough and, therefore, are unacceptable. They may be used only when clad with material complementary to the house, such as masonry.

Top treatments, soldier courses in brick and other interesting variations to the upper portions of chimneys are encouraged. Fireplaces shall be made of the same material as the house where economically feasible.