4.8 Drainage

In contrast to traditional higher density suburban developments where it is necessary to speed up and direct runoff with lot grading and drainage manipulation, to the greatest extent possible, estate lot development utilizes existing natural drainage features while keeping the manipulation of natural drainage features to a minimum. Overland runoff should be channelized only where necessary. The drainage of roadways and private improvements are important, but care should be taken to not unnecessarily alter or accelerate the surface runoff of the natural drainage ways.

Swales (small ditches) are to be graded shallow, but wide enough to slow runoff. Avoid steep cuts for natural look. Steep slopes of 3:1 or more should be broken with retaining walls or steps. Terracing of lawns is encouraged only when the grades are too steep.

It will be the responsibility of each owner/builder to provide adequate drainage for each home. Caution should be used in establishing the foundation elevation so that adequate drainage from the back yard around to the front and the reverse is not impaired by driveways or slabs.