2.0 Site Layout

2.6 Driveways

Construction of all driveways are to meet or exceed Harris County standards.

The use of stamped and colored concrete, interlocking pavers, brick pavers and brick borders is permitted. Color, pattern and design will require the approval of the ARC prior to construction.

All driveways must be constructed in accordance with the "Driveway Transition Specifications". Compromising concrete up to the property line with transition to Owner selected material inside of property lines. All driveways must be constructed with a minimum width of ten feet (10') from the garage to the abutting street and must be a minimum distance of forty feet (40') from the side property line. The drive approach must be installed prior to any other construction activities on lot and shall be used as the entrance to the property for construction of the residence. Either the permanent or a temporary hard surface drive shall be constructed to prevent the tracking of mud and construction debris into streets. No vehicles shall drive through the roadside ditches to enter lot. Any damages to roadside ditches or sod shall be repaired by homeowner or homeowner's builders within two (2) weeks or Rosehurst HOA shall deduct the cost of repairs from the builders deposit submitted with the construction plans.

The driveway must enter the lot at ninety (90) degree angle to the street right-of-way. Turnaround or circular drives may be allowed. Under no circumstance may an entire front yard be paved as a driveway.

Gated entries to a lot should be recessed from the fence line to present a more inviting appearance to the lot.