3.3 Exterior Materials

The Developer recognizes the dynamic nature of the building materials industry and recognizes that building materials are constantly changing and improving. The ARC will consider material options not listed below, that due to changes in the material or new materials, suggest better options from either a cost, maintenance or aesthetic context which justify such reconsideration.

The following exterior materials are acceptable:

Brick - Earth tone colors. Bricks shall meet standard specifications established by The Brick Institute of America.

Masonry - Natural stone, manmade stone and precast panels made from natural stone are acceptable.

Mortar Joints - All mortar joints for brick shall be tooled. Sump will not be allowed. Mortar color shall be selected to compliment stone or brick color.

Wood Siding - Stained in earth tone colors or painted in neutral colors. Horizontal application only.

Hardboard Siding - Pre-finished. The use of plywood sidings is prohibited.

Vinyl Siding- Limited application, generally above the first floor elevation and on soffits and gables.

Stucco - A recent trend in the building industry has repopularized the use of solid stucco. While it is not the intention of the Developer or the ARC to prohibit solid stucco applications, stucco in combination with brick or masonry is preferred.

Aluminum, Vinyl or Wood Windows - Bronze or white finish.