4.3 Lighting

The owner/builder is to install and maintain lighting on individual lots in a manner to not cause distraction, nuisance or to be unsightly. Light sources should not conflict with the sight lines of pedestrians or motorists, or installed in a manner which endangers their safety and welfare. Light sources must not "spill over" into neighboring yards. Light sources should not be visible, unless no other application exists.

Exterior residential lighting can convey a warm, inviting atmosphere. Care is to be taken in placing fixtures, selection of fixtures and types of light source. Exterior illumination of architectural features such as columns, entries, chimneys and landscape features are encouraged.

Individual security lighting is allowed, including mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lights, provided that they are not placed in front of the residence or are sited as to spill over into adjoining lots or public rights of way. No security lighting fixture shall be erected higher than twenty-five feet (25') above the surrounding natural ground.

Lighting for outdoor tennis courts or personal athletic courts will be reviewed by the ARC on a case by case basis. In no event shall such outdoor lighting be permitted, which causes a nuisance or is allowed to "bleed over" onto adjoining lots.

Ground lighting or decorative fixtures must be of high quality materials and workmanship and be in scale and style with the residence.

Free standing decorative fixtures, and lamp posts are acceptable but must be approved by the ARC.

Mercury vapor lights, when used for special landscaping lighting affect, (hung in trees as up and down lights) is permissible with ARC approval.

Colored lenses on low voltage lights, colored light bulbs, fluorescent and neon lighting is not permissible.

Incandescent, low voltage incandescent, metal halide, quartz and natural gas lights are acceptable.

All wiring for exterior lighting should be underground. Pathway lighting and landscape lighting is encouraged. Such lighting must be inconspicuous.

Christmas lights and related decorations must be removed from the exterior of all buildings by January 15th of each year.