4.2 Lot Landscaping

The emphasis in estate lot subdivisions is the preservation of the natural flora as well as wildlife habitat. Selected landscaping around man made structures to create a smooth transition from the man made to the existing native landscape is expected.

To preserve the aesthetic appearance of the subdivision, no landscaping, grading, excavation, or filling of any nature what-so-ever shall be implemented and installed on a lot in the subdivision by any Owner unless and until the plans therefore have been submitted to and approved, in writing, by the Architectural Review Committee.

In contrast to higher density suburban developments, estate lot developments are intended to maintain large areas of natural green open space without the imposition of costly and high maintenance landscaping.

Low shrubbery and bedding should be limited to the areas around the perimeter of the buildings to soften the visual appearance and provide a transition from along the driveways and at entry features residence to the surrounding natural vegetation.