2.0 Site Layout

2.10 Pools, Spas and Decks

Portable or permanent above ground swimming pools are prohibited. Smaller prefabricated, installed above the ground, spas or hot tubs are acceptable. Above ground spas or hot tubs, visible from public view or from other lots must be skirted, decked, screened or landscaped to hide all plumbing, heaters, pumps, filters, etc.

Swimming pool appurtenances such as rock waterfalls and sliding boards must not be over six feet (6') in height if visible from public view. Skimmer nets, long handle brushes, pool chemicals, filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, etc. must not be visible from public view.

Pool walls shall not encroach on utility easements (If pool plumbing is required in utility easements, owner/builder must contact utility coordinating committee before digging.) Wood or concrete pool decks may be placed on utility easements, but are subject to removal by utility companies.