Questionaire for House Plan Submittals

Please answer all questions and submit all details. Submittals will not be reviewed with incomplete information:

HOA only: Has the review fee been Paid? _____ Plans may not be reviewed until the review fee has been paid. $500 Plan review fee to "Rosehurst HOA" .

Plans for Lot ____ Block _____ Section _____.

Owners name, address and phone: ____________________________________________

Builders name, address, phone and fax: ____________________________________________

Plan Style: (Traditional, contemporary, modern) ________________________________

Total square feet: ____________________________ (total area under roof).

Living area in square feet: ___________________________ (area heated and cooled).

Number of bedrooms: ___________. Total Number of rooms (all). ___________.

Number of bathrooms and half bathrooms: _________.

Requirements for site plans and house plans:

1. Site Plan should only be submitted in Autocad 2000 format or lower per the attached guidelines both electronic and hard copy.

Is the lot drawn to scale? _______ Scale of drawings: ______________________.

2. Is the house drawn on the lot to scale? _______

3. (HOA only) Is the house footprint and orientation OK? _________ (HOA only).

4. Has an approved culvert and drive approach with appropriate pre-cast sloped end treatments been installed prior to the submittal, or is one proposed as a part of the submittal? (No construction may commence until the culvert and sloped end treatments are properly installed. No "cut-out" sloped end treatments allowed.)______ already installed. ______proposed in this submittal.

5. Is the path for the driveway shown? _______

6. How many buildings are shown? _______

7. Are all of the proposed buildings shown to be built at this time? ______ (the Committee may not approve "future" improvements).

8. Are all four elevations for all buildings included in this submittal? _______

9. Driveways: Does the driveway enter the lot at a 90-degree angle, or as close to a '90' as possible? _______ (a county requirement).

10. Is the driveway at least 40 feet from side property lines? _______

11. What is the driveway material? _____________________

12. What is the minimum width of the driveway? _________________

13. Are "entry features" for the driveway planned? _______

14. Are entry features located behind the 25-foot setback (from the front property line) for fencing? _______

15. Has the design for the entry features been included in this submittal? _______

16. Are paving-stones planned for the driveway? _______ If so, what color? _________

17. Does the driveway employ a gentle curve to eliminate the "runway" effect? _______

18. Has drainage for the driveway been considered (to prevent ponding in areas adjacent to the driveway and on adjacent lots). ______ (arrow indicators typ.).

19. Is there a proposed propane tank? _______ Is it shown on the site plan? ________

20. Is there a proposed waterwell? _________ Is it shown on the site plan? ________

21. Is the gas line connection shown on site plan? __________

22. Is the connection from the CenterPoint transformer to the house shown on the site plan: ________

23. Is the location of the proposed water well and septic systems shown on the site plan? _______. Does it comply with the Well and Septic Grid adopted for the subdivision? ________. If not, is a letter from the director of the Harris County Health Department authorizing the proposed placement attached? _______.

24. Are any fences shown on the site plan? _______.

25. Is a drawing, photo or sketch of the proposed fences included in this submittal? _______.

26. Do the proposed fences encroach into the 25-foot setback from the front ROW? _________.

27. Do the proposed fences encroach into drainage easements?_______.

28. If a corner lot, is placement of the garage opposite the corner? _______.

29. Setbacks: 2.999 acres and smaller: 80-60-40. (HOA ONLY)

Materials and Colors:

30. What materials are the fences to be constructed of? __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

31. Provide colors of the fences. _________________________________.

32. Percentage of Brick, including all exterior wall space. _______%

33. Percentage of siding, including all exterior wall space. _______%

34. Percentage of stone, including all exterior wall space. _______%

35. Percentage of stucco, including all exterior wall space. _______%

36. List other exterior materials and percentage; _____________________________

37. Colors:

A. Color of trim. ________________________________

B. Color of roofing material. ______________________________

C. Color of stucco. ____________________________

D. Color of siding. _____________________________

E. Color of garage doors. __________________________

F. Color of stone. ______________________________

G. Color of brick. ______________________________

H. Color of mortar. ______________________________

I. Color of roofing stickups. __________________________

J. Color of chimney cover. _________________________

K. Other Colors: _______________________________________________.

L. Are samples of the colors included in this submission? _______.

38. Chimneys: Are any chimneys planned? _______

A. Material for the outside of the chimney? ___________________________ (siding not allowed).

B. Width, height and depth of chimney. _______________________________ ______________________________________________________________

C. Is the material for the chimney different than the veneer for the residence? _________.

39. Roofing materials to be used: _________________________________________

40. Garage door material and gauge: _______________________________________


41. Is a landscaping plan included? ___________.

42. Are plantings identified? __________.

43. Does the landscaping plan provide a smooth transition from the man-made structures to the natural surroundings: ___________ (HOA Only).

44. Is the landscaping plan consistent with the majesty of the residence? _______. (HOA only).

Other items:

45. Is a mailbox plan included? (minimum brick) ____________.

46. Certificate of Insurance from Builder shall be included with submittal listing Rosehurst HOA as additional insured as stated in Section 3.0 of the attached guidelines.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions above. Your answers will save time by preventing unnecessary delays.

The section below is for additional comments you would like the Committee to consider in its deliberation.

Additional comments:

Please sign and date this submittal:

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