3.9 Rooftop Elements

The roofs, as an expressive design element, should be kept as visually unobstructed as possible.

All stack vents and attic ventilators shall be located on the rear slopes of roofs and mounted perpendicular to the ground plate. In instances where metal roofing is employed (following ARC approval), roof accessories may be made of the same metal. All exposed metal roof accessories; stack vents, roof flashing, attic ventilators, etc. shall match the color of the roofing material color.

The location and design of all skylights and solar collectors shall be approved by the ARC. No solar collectors shall be allowed on any roof slope visible from a public street.

Radio/television antennae, satellite dishes, and radio towers are not to be visible from any roads and are not to be visible to an adjoining property where such facilities are larger in size than twenty-four inches (24").