4.4 Tree Protection

The following procedures are recommended to ensure the survival and good health of trees existing within Rosehurst. The owner/builder should use the following guidelines to preserve and protect trees on the construction site:

A. Except as may be necessary to provide room for construction of improvements in accordance with approved plans or to remove dead trees, no tree with a caliper of twelve inches (12") or more at a point one foot (1’) from the base of the tree may be removed from a lot, unless specifically approved by the ARC.

B. Tree protection fencing should be placed around drip line of trees to prevent storing of machinery or equipment which can cause soil compaction and mechanical damage.

C. Excessive pedestrian traffic should not occur within drip line of trees.

D. Soil should not be excavated, spread, spoiled or otherwise disposed of within drip line of trees.

E. Trash fires or burning of brush shall not be permitted on any lot.

F. In close areas, where fencing to drip line is not possible, protect trunk by strapping (not nailing) a continuous shield of wood, 2" x 4" x 5', around the trunk and lay plywood on ground in drip line of tree to prevent compaction of soil by trucks or machinery.