4.11 Water Wells and Septic Systems

In order to create consistent, safe and uniform placement, a schematic diagram showing the acceptable areas for placement of water wells and septic fields for Rosehurst are shown on the recorded subdivision plat. Compliance with this schematic is mandatory. Location of water wells as shown on the recorded plat must be constructed within ten feet (10’) of the depicted location. Exceptions to the indicated location and/or setback must be approved by the Harris County Public Infrastructure Department.

Regarding water well downhole construction, wells are to have casing pressure cemented to full casing depth. Driller shall furnish a State of Texas Water Well Report showing proof of cementing to the appropriate licensing authority and also to property owner.

Regarding water wellhead protection, casing shall extend to an elevation at least twelve inches (12”) above street crown, two feet (2’) above 100-year floodplain, or twelve inches (12”) above natural ground, whichever is higher. A 4’x4’x6" concrete sealing slab shall be constructed for each well.

Water well specifications are shown on the "Water Well" page.

Individual lot wastewater treatment systems shall be installed by the homebuilder on each lot. “Old-fashioned septic tank” systems are not permitted. A system must be aerobic, automatic, pressure-dosage and self-contained. A system shall not produce odors, shall be serviceable through a surface-level access opening and must be capable of producing a clean effluent that shall be disposed of using drip or surface irrigation or other accepted methods. Each septic system shall be inspected four (4) times a year as proscribed by Harris County by a licensed inspector. Copies of these inspection reports shall be forwarded to the Homeowner’s Association within thirty (30) days of receipt.

Wastewater Treatment Systems specifications are shown on the "Septic System and Drainage Specifications" page.